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January 24, 2018

WE ARE HERE , a group show, presented by Midsumma Festival and State Library Victoria in association with ALGA, January to April 2018.

In recognition of almost 50 years of the Lesbian, Gay and Trans political movement in Australia and 40th Anniversary of ALGA's dedicated archives, five outstanding contemporary visual artists create new works.

I created a new photographic installation, 'The Valorisation of US', drawing on archival material from the State Library Victoria. 

July 24, 2017



Susan Maco Forrester & Jacob Tolo 


​future is now.


Susan Maco Forrester & Jody Haines

March 30, 2016

WYNDHAM ART GALLERY presented new work by SUSAN FORRESTER who looks at questions of identity. Susan is a LGBTIQ woman of Scottish/Somali Heritage, Identity has always been a question she has been forced to answer. The well known cultural theorist Stuart Hall asked the question, “How much do we retain and how much do we give up of our cultural identity in order to be ourselves?”

Identity is an issue that is difficult to define. Stuart Hall calls it the ‘ever-unfinished conversation’.

Forrester uses video, installation, sculptural objects and photographs to participate in a dialogue with artists, audience and community members about the complex issues raised by this question.

The British artist, film-maker and writer John Akomfrah investigates notions of culture, ethnic and personal identity and says of Stuart Hall, “With him and through him we began to ask the indispensable questions of that conversation: who are we, what are we and what could we become.”


Susan explored these questions into an Australian and a LGBTIQ context in the Midsumma exhibition IDENTITY

October 30, 2016

Both Sides of the Street', a contemporary art exhibition at the Counihan Gallery in Brunswick, Melbourne, sought to capture dialogue between artists from Indigenous backgrounds. Each work is by an Australian-Indigenous artist and an artist from another culture. The exhibition fostered connectedness between the artists in the spirit of spiritual, personal and cultural exchange. 'Sistas united in sorrow was a reflection on the loss of loved ones and some of the objects associated with them. the installation included an Australian Indigenous kopi mourning cap that Maree shared the making of with myself and my sistas as part of the project. This was an intense and truly rewarding experience.

March 09, 2016

 "Good Golly', They’re a Queer mob” Midsumma Festival, Blak Dot Gallery, East Brunswick Victoria 2012.

  A response to the enduring proliferation of the golliwog doll in Australia.


'Me me wa chumba'Identity' Wydham Art Gallery Werribee Victoria 2016.

Cut and cut and cut what is this beastly tribal looking thing?

Blak Mumma White Papa, New Years Eve Fireworks soundtrack, City of Melbourne 2013.

Commission for City of Melbourne, televided by Channel Seven to audience of 1.3 million  people.

December 30, 2016

A selection of sound compositions:

Still Life Composition #1

'Digital Natives return to paradise' Melbourne Fringe Festival Blak Dot Gallery


Pidgeon hole 

Bumpy & Arresta', Unclassified”, Hares and Hyenas Gallery Collingwood Victoria.


Muthaland Arterial

'Somali Peace Band' Royce NG , Melbourne International Festival, Gertrude Contemporary – Fitzroy Victoria

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